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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your warranty policy?

Due to the nature of racing, no warranty can be expressed or written. We will do our best to work with each customer on a personal level to assure your satisfaction.

What do shift selector springs do?

From the factory, Nissan utilizes two springs within the transmission that are responsible for 'centering' the shifter in the 3/4 shift gate.
These springs are far too weak in stock form, and result in a sluggish return-to-center.
V1R's 'Street Kit' is about 200% stiffer than factory, and will greatly improve shifter feel and feedback when returning to neutral.
Our 'Race Kit' takes this a step further. With an over 300% increase in spring rate, the shifter will quickly 'kick' back to center when shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear. This removes almost all effort from the driver during the 2/3 shift, resulting in positive engagement and greatly reduces the chance of the dreaded "3rd gear lockout".
Please note: By nature, the increased spring pressure will inherently be reflected in the motion to reverse as well. While this is easily overcome by nearly all customers, some may find the increased resistance in the 'Race Kit' to be undesirable.

Will shift selector springs work with my short shifter?

Short shifters are a great modification, but they only address the forward/backward motion of the shifter.
V1R Shift Selector Springs are specifically tailored to provide a very crisp feel in the left/right motion of your shifter.
We recommend utilizing both of these modifications in tandem, and highly advise installing aftermarket shifter bushings as well - especially with our 'Race Kit'.

What is your return policy?

Vision One Racing will accept returns of only unopened/undamaged items within 30 days of purchase.
Please contact us to arrange any returns.

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