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Tri-Metal Rod Bearings Update

We've certainly experienced some hiccups along the way with regard to getting our hands on the correct product. While we are doing our best to get you a high quality product at an affordable price, we wanted to keep everyone in the loop in the process.

We try to be as transparent as possible and believe our customers deserve at least that!

These bearings start with genuine race bearings from one of the best companies in the industry - King Racing

From there we personally inspect and measure each and every set to assure proper sizing before the machining process.

While we have reached out numerous times to many different companies, we have yet to reach an agreement for a QR25DE specific bearing. However, we've successfully found a compatible bearing that is identical in every specification except the overall width.

Using a stringent machining process we are able to narrow each set of bearings to fit a standard QR25 connecting rod with careful precision. This process requires specific tooling and is NOT something that should be attempted at home.

Each set is then chamfered and deburred before a final measurement and Q.C. inspection.

Only after these pass our quality standards do they then head out to Calico Coatings for finalizing. Each set receives a CT-1 dry film lubricant that is used by many of the top brands in the industry. This lubricant greatly improves the bearing's ability to withstand momentary interruption of oil supply under high load conditions. This often occurs during drag race launches or during extreme cornering.

These bearings have been tested through many different applications in our V1R Sentra as well as various customer engines with great success! We are currently pushing our engine to nearly 9,000 RPM at the drag strip and these have been a huge part of our success along the way!

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to their release soon!

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