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Arguably one of the MOST important items when building a Nissan QR25DE - ATI Dampers are a crucial component for any performance-built engine.

With the long stroke of a QR25, harmonic vibrations are no-doubt a real concern. With every power stroke of the engine, the crankshaft literally twists as it tries to rotate a resisting flywheel. This causes the damper-side of the crankshaft to snap back and forth throughout the RPM range, and is exaccerbated with more power and more RPM.

These vibrations can be extremely damaging to the oil pump, timing components, bearings, accessory drive and many other items within the engine.

ATI dampers are specifically 'tuned' to absorb these vibrations and keep the momentum of the crankshaft moving in one direction - effectively eliminating the 'snapping motion'.


Coupled with our Billet Oil Pump gears, Billet Timing Sprocket, and proprietary Connecting Rod Bearings, V1R is successfully turning over 8500rpm!


Do NOT miss out on the opportunity to acquire this critical piece! Once they are gone, THEY ARE GONE!

ATI Super Damper - Nissan QR25DE

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