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Coming 2022

We look forward to releasing our long-awaited 3pc front end for the B13 Sentra chassis! Available in both carbon fiber and fiberglass, this front end is made using a vacuum infusion process that results in a product that is free of voids and excess resin. This produces the lightest and strongest product possible!

Our carbon fiber version is a TRUE 100% carbon piece. No carbon overlay nonsense!

This was constructed with purpose at the forefront of the design.

Clearance permits up to and in excess of 11" wheel width, 6" intercooler core depth, 3+ gallon fuel cell, full-size 16v battery, and plenty of room for ballast, front mounted turbo, etc.

Priced comparably to the incredibly popular Honda community, we will be making these to order once we are able to refine the production process.


Vision One Racing B13 3-Piece Front End

Out of Stock
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