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Prevent gear spread by 'cuffing' your input shaft and main shaft together. 

This addition is an extremely popular and effective option for reinforcing your transmission.

Our 5th gear cuff by itself can be installed utilizing the 5th/6th hub, but will eliminate the function of 5th and 6th altogether.

We've manufactured additional components that will allow you to retain full function of the OEM 6th gear if desired. These components are available for purchase separately and can be found HERE


Please note that this cuff takes the physical place of 5th gear itself.

6th gear will be nonfuntional UNLESS purchasing our additional 6th gear component kit.

Proper assembly is vital and may require shim adjustment or minor clearancing.

Recommend installation by qualified persons only.

Billet 5th Gear Cuff - Nissan RS6F51H

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