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Vision One Racing has teamed up with Clutchmasters to provide you with the BEST sprung hub clutch available for the B15 platform!


Their FX400 is a performance level clutch supportive of up to 600whp dependant on driving style.

The FX400 features an HD Pressure Plate and a 6-Puck Ceramic Friction Disc with a Sprung Hub.

The 6-Puck Ceramic Disc will provide  great heat dissipation while the Sprung Hub is beneficial to those cars that still see moderate street driving.

Suggested applications: AutoX, Drag, Circuit, Rally, Burnouts, etc.


Failure of Sprung Hubs are usually due to clutch drops that exceed the springs' dampening capability. 


02-06 FX400 kits are typically available to ship out in 5-7 Business Days, but lead times may vary. Please contact us for specific leadtime if this is in conflict with your timeline.

Clutchmasters FX400 - Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec-V

SKU: 06058-HDC6
$550.00 Regular Price
$522.45Sale Price
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