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The Diamond Claw® Crank Lock utilizes precisely sized CBN particles with a hardness of 10,000 Vickers that effectively LOCK your flywheel and harmonic damper in place. With a thickness of only .008" - Driveline alignment remains unaffected.

Previously only available for the most common platforms - including the Nissan GTR, Vision One Racing remains focused on bringing these solutions to the entire Nissan family.

Protect your most expensive and crucial components with this small yet powerful addition! At an affordable cost, the Diamond Claw will be reusable for virtually the entire life of your engine.


When modifying engines and pushing them beyond their designed capabilities, harmonic vibrations are your worst enemy.

Long strokes, balance shaft removal, increased RPM, single mass flywheels, turbocharged applications, and even higher compression all are capable of contributing to increased harmonics. These micro-vibrations often times cause surface welding (also known as "fretting") on the crankshaft, flywheel and other expensive components.

The V1R Diamond Lock® helps to prevent flywheel bolts from backing out with increased RPM and power output. In the event that the flywheel does become loose and begin to vibrate against the crank, the Diamond Claw® can help protect the crankshaft and prevent further damage.

We've seen first hand the detrimental effects that fretting can pose - sometimes even destroying a crankshaft beyond use.

While mitigation techniques have been around for ages, nothing has proven to fully prevent this anomaly... UNTIL NOW!

V1R Diamond Claw® Crank Lock - Nissan QR/VQ/SR/VR

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