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We are proud to partner with Fuel Injector Clinic to offer you the best injectors in the industry!


Using their industry-leading Data Match Technology FIC proudly matches each set of injectors to within 1% for flow and less than 2% for latency.

E85 compatible and available in ranges from 325cc up to 2150cc

With a lifetime warranty, full cleaning/flow data services, and the best available customer service; Fuel Injector Clinic will be the last injectors that you have to buy!


FIC 2150's are good for about 900whp on E85 and have been utilized in our V1R Sentra for multiple seasons without a hiccup.


Please verify year/make/model when ordering.

Contact us for specific sizing inquiries.

Fuel Injector Clinic - Sentra SE-R Spec-V

SKU: FIC-QR-2150-4
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