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We're excited to team up with Graf Gearboxes to provide yet another exclusive product to the Nissan lineup!

With production finally complete, we look forward to putting this gearset to the test, and bringing the capability of this transmission to heights never before imagined!

These gearsets are a custom forged close-ratio design available in both an OE-fitment helical synchromesh, as well as a drag-focused dog set. 

Multiple options available including a custom forged final drive, 5th gear 'cuff' brace, billet forks, and various ratio combinations to fit your needs.


We have ONE 'Turbo Drag' Dog Gearset available for pre-order.

This Dog Gearset is in-stock, but will not be available to ship until final testing is complete.

All pre-order payments are considered final and non-refundable.

Contact us for pre-order inquiries.



Turbo Drag - 2.78/1.85/1.33/1.00

Turbo Street - 2.78/1.85/1.33/1.06

All-Motor Available Upon Request

Graf HD Gearset - Nissan RS6F51H/A

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