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Introducing the FIRST and ONLY tri-metal race bearing for your Nissan QR25DE.

These are track tested in the V1R Sentra under the most extreme conditions; seeing over 700whp at nearly 9,000rpm!


Race bearings carry many different advantages over a standard aluminum-silicon production bearing. Built to handle the extreme loads seen in racing applications, it's important not to overlook the importance of quality connecting rod bearings.

Every set features Calico's CT-1 dry film lubricant. Calico Coatings have a proven record in the automotive industry; being used by many different race teams and leading manufacturers.


*There are MANY factors to consider in every build. While personal experiences may vary, it's extremely important these be properly measured and installed by a QUALIFIED machine shop*


-Returns not accepted on opened items.

-Unopened items may be susceptible to a 10% restocking fee

V1R Tri-Metal Connecting Rod Bearings - Nissan QR25DE

SKU: V1R-412025-4
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