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V1R is proud to partner with Red Lion Racing to provide you with the best bushing kits available for the Sentra, Maxima, and Altima chassis!

These bushings are machined from durable, self-lubricating Nylatron material; Resulting in solid, positive gear engagement that is sure to withstand even the harshest environments.

Unlike other 2-piece designs on the market, these bushings are a 1-piece design that is retained by a snap-ring. This results in 100% of the cable surface area is transmitted to the bushing. This will also ensure they remain on the cable and are never lost when doing any sort of service on your vehicle.

Pair these with Vision One Racing's Shift Selector Springs and HD Detent Kit for the full crispy experience! Hands-down the BEST bang for your buck products on the market!


Please indicate which bushing size you will need. It is preferred to measure the TOP transmission bushing OD as some model years may vary

2002 to 2003 - 1.1"/1.1"

2004 to 2006 - 1.4"/1.1"

Red Lion Racing Shifter Bushing Kit

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