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The K-Tuned 'Race Spec' shifter has been on the market for some time and has proven itself worthy of very high praise within the motorsport community.

However, the geometry of this shifter out of the box is reversed from what is needed to be utilized with the Nissan F51 transmission.

Having never been satisfied with other attempts to correct this geometry - V1R has been working on a bolt-in solution to this for well over a year.


This kit contains 3 main components that will relocate the pivot point to pre-existing threaded holes on the shifter base - no drilling or other modifications required.


NOTE: This kit has been designed to work with the 'V2' shifter from K-Tuned, but has been proven with many knockoffs as well (Jackspania is not direct fitment)

K-Tuned has since released their 'V3' shifter which is a complete redesign and does not contain the threaded holes on the base necessary for installation.


For use with OEM Nissan shifter cables - We also offer a Supplemental OE Installation Kit.

The Supplemental OE Cable Kit can be purchased HERE


This setup is currently being used in our QR25 B13 drag car, and we can honestly say that shifting has NEVER been this crisp and effortless.


This shifter is originally intended to be utilized with K-Series Shifter Cables.

However, the K-Series shifter cables WILL NOT be direct fitment (yet)

The adjustable 'Race Spec' cables will fit, but currently need to be modified - Stay tuned as this solution is in production so that no modification will be necessary for Race Spec cable installation.


If you have ANY questions regarding fitment or what should be purchased to make this work on your car, please email us at


Please Note: Vision One Racing has NO direct affiliation with K-Tuned or their products. This kit is only intended as a supplement to an already great product.

V1R 'KTRP' Billet Shifter Adapter Kit

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