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The best differential in the game is now available for the Nissan F51 transmission found among the Sentra, Altima and Maxima lineup.

Whether you're taking back roads on the way to work, headed to the drag strip for the weekend, or loading up for a dirt track event... this differential is sure to improve the feel and performance of your vehicle.


Wavetrac's innovative design is the ONLY gear-style differential available that will actively transfer power in a low-load or zero-load condition. This is especially beneficial for aggressive driving conditions such as hard launches, unloading one wheel during hard cornering, or cornering on dirt/gravel.

Even in a casual driving environment, this differential will provide an improved driving experience by making acceleration and cornering much more efficient and predictable.


Don't overlook one of the most essential components responsible for putting power to the ground.

Wavetrac® LSDs are in stock and ready to ship today - only at Vision One Racing!

Wavetrac® Limited Slip Differential - Nissan F51/F52

SKU: 44.309.175WK
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