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Vision One Racing is striving to bring Made-To-Order parts to your door quicker than ever!

Keep an eye out for our expanding lineup - We use these exact pistons in our drag car making over 800whp at 35+psi of boost.


Bore Size: 89.5mm (.020" Oversize)

Compression Ratio: 10.5:1

Wrist Pin: 20mm / .197" Wall / DLC Coated

Dome Volume: -1.8cc

Stroke: 100mm

Rod Lg: 143mm


Wiseco pistons go through more finishing processes than any other piston on the market, without driving the cost up. They come with more features standard than any other piston on the market, at a more affordable price than many of the competitors. All of the Wiseco pistons for this application come standard with anti-friction skirt coating which helps minimize scuffing during break-in and lower friction on the cylinder wall. The top face of the piston is textured to improve the combustion characteristics, and all kits come with rings, pins and locks.

This Piston comes with Wiseco's new Armor Plating Coating. Armor Plated wiseco pistons have almost a bronze colored tint to the top of the piston and the wrist pin bore. Wiseco's Armor Plating is an abrasion resistant plating that raises the hardness of the aluminum, increases the durability of the ring grooves, prevents micro-welding of the piston rings, reduces carbon buildup and combats corrosion caused by detonation. Wiseco's most popular pistons now include Armor Plating.

Wiseco Pistons w/ Upgraded DLC Pin - Nissan QR25DE

SKU: K671M8950AP/S708C
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